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Forging a new frontier

Traditional distilling of the East meets distinctive barrel ageing of the West.

Grand Talon is a unique expression of whisky and wine made from only the finest rice grains. It begins its life through age-old artisanal methods where the pure and delicate spirit is left to mature in traditional clay vessels and virgin oak casks.

Forging ancient Chinese practices of rice fermentation and distillation with traditional whisky barrel ageing affords Grand Talon a distinct complexity of flavour.

For thousands of years, the majestic dragon has been heralded by those across the East for its proud stance, fierce talons and the mystical rainmaking power it brings to the rice fields.

The Dragon

Chinese folklore has it that the lashing tail of a mystical dragon carved out the rivers that run alongside the abundant rice crops. Delving deep within those rivers and then soaring up to the sky, the dragon’s mighty force brought wind and rain back to the province below.

A Tribute

To honour the elemental gift of rain bestowed upon rice farms, the dragon’s legend is celebrated through dance by the Hakka people in the Guangdong Province.

The Rice

The rice grain is a symbol of life to the people of China and the essential ingredient in the art of rice winemaking, dating back thousands of years to the Shang Dynasty. Today millions of people charge their glasses with rice wine and spirit to toast health, good fortune and family bonds.


Inspired by centuries of traditional spirit making, we produce the highest quality rice whisky and wine from our two distinguished distilleries in Guangdong Province, Southern China. Our flagship distillery is nestled amongst our idyllically positioned tea tree plantation in HuangFengWo (Beehive Valley), in the east of the region.

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