Barrel-Aged Rice Wine

Made from the finest rice harvested fresh across China, Grand Talon Rice Wine is forged by master craftsmen of Guangdong Province using age-old artisanal methods. The pure and delicate wine is first fermented and matured in traditional clay vessels, revealing subtle golden hues.

The ageing journey continues in both virgin French and American oak barrels, with the wine then carefully blended to gift the senses with inviting aromas of Muscat, poached plum and toasted chestnuts. Upon sipping, the complex palate of fruit cake, Pedro Ximénez sherry and crisp apple linger favourably.

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Our Unique ProcessBarrel-Aged Rice Wine

  • Locally Harvested Rice

    The finest sticky rice harvested from across China and delivered fresh in their husks to a local mill, our premium rice grain ensures an exceptional wine with a unique expression of the terroir.

  • Freshly Milled

    Freshly harvested rice is the key to unlocking the full potential of flavour and is essential in achieving a healthy fermentation. We begin fermentation within 21 days after the fresh rice has been dehulled and milled to ensure outstanding quality and to capture the grains’ pure and delicate nuances

  • Steamed and Massaged by Hand

    A labour-intensive process, rice is steamed in a timber vat and massaged by hand with Xiaoqu yeast strains, selectively propagated on-site.

  • Fermentation

    Our intricate three-month fermentation process has been used in Hakka culture for hundreds of years. Here, a funnel within the clay vessel affords the mash just the right exposure to air, allowing the alcohol to start rising after 1-2 days. From there a high-ABV rice spirit is added to ensure the fermentation achieves the naturally sweet flavour unique to rice wine.

  • Matured in Clay

    The precious wine is then matured for 3 months in a 250L clay vessel, continuing a Chinese winemaking tradition dating as far back as the Shang Dynasty, more than 3,000 years ago.

  • Filtered by Hand

    Grand Talon uses a traditional method of separating the fermented golden liquid and solids by delicately sifting through a bamboo basket. Carried out by hand, this process ensures a more natural rice flavour profiled in the final product.

  • Aged in Virgin Oak

    The aromatic wine is then transferred into virgin French and American oak casks for further maturation, which imparts depth in colour and well-rounded notes of fruit cake and Pedro Ximénez sherry.

By using time and care we are proud to share with you a fine rice wine made to sip and savour with friends and family.

Signature Serves

  • Nightcap Necessity


    30ml x Rice Wine
    30ml x Dark Rum
    20ml x Cold Drip Coffee
    5ml x Maraschino Liqueur
    Double Cream Float


    Stir all ingredients over ice in a mixing glass until cold.
    Strain mix into glass and float double cream on top of cocktail.


    Irish Coffee Glass


    Grated Nutmeg

    *1.6 STD Drink

  • Emperor Sour


    50ml x Rice Wine
    10ml x Rice Whisky
    20ml x Lemon Juice
    10ml x Sugar Syrup
    Half Egg White
    Angostura Bitters


    Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker.
    Add ice and shake until very cold.
    Fine strain mix into small tumbler without ice.


    Chilled Rocks Glass


    3 Drops Angostura Bitters

    *1.2 STD Drink

  • Successor Cocktail


    35ml x Rice Wine
    35ml x Rosso Vermouth
    5ml x Lemon Juice
    10ml x Sugar Syrup
    2 x drops Angostura Bitters
    2 x drops Orange Bitters


    Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker.
    Add ice to shaker and shake for 10 seconds, until cold.
    Fine strain mix in to martini glass.


    Chilled Martini Glass

    *1.0 STD Drink

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